Support A Child Through Education

Educating a child is one of the main focuses of our ministry. We support local orphanages and churches in Uganda help build free schools, support the procuring of materials, and other resources in order to maintain a well-rounded educational environment for children. Children are eager to learn, but there are times when there isn't enough to provide for their education that each of them need.

Education is more than reading, writing, and math. It is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and its future and is critical to reducing poverty and inequality. Children, who learn to read, write and count will provide a better future for their families and countries. With improved education, so many other areas are positively affected. In short, education has the power to make the world a better place. ACTNIM doesn’t provide the teachers, but we help in building facilities of education where they do not exist. We partner with churches, businesses and other organizations to make it possible that a dream is fulfilled, a life is saved or a community is able to prosper. Millions of children each day miss out on an education because of circumstances they have no control over, and suffer as a result. We urge you to invest in the future of a child or a person attempting to better their lives. Won’t you help?

We are working with two schools and partners to upgrade the facilities and provide a better learning environment for the children and their education. Sponsoring a child helps us do that.

The ACTNIM Family

Care Bear Home
Open June - August

The Care Bear Home is a place where Mama Bear with the help of Papa Bear, help their Cubs come to relax and enjoy themselves before or after they have worked on the Mission Field. March 2023 is the 6th Anniversary of the opening of the Care Bear Home, that has hosted several missionaries, church groups and ministers from the United States and around the world that are doing Kingdom work in Uganda. The months of June, July and August will be the optimal times for coordinating your visit, so if you plan on coming to Uganda contact us and  arrange a memorable experience for you and your group.

Chaplains Randy & Rosalyn Jarmon

African Rain Ministries


Pastors Adalberto & Milady Santana

Rainbow World Missions Inc.


Bishop Victor & Pastor Rosie Nieves

Mercy Church of God


Apostle Uche Ndubuisi

TRIGA Outreach International


Pastor James D. & Lady Regina Charity

Ferguson Grove Baptist Church


Dr. Daniel & Lady Linda Baltimore

Mt. Nebo Baptist Church


 Bishop Spencer & Evangelist Marion Logan

with Pastor Gloria Mason

Hope Chapel Deliverance Center


Bishop Kenneth L. & Evangelist Janice Hill

Rehoboth Church of God


Student Career Pathways

ACTNIM is involved with university administrators to help future leaders make sound decisions about their careers and contributions to their communities and the world.

Sports Ministry

The Guardians Youth Football and Cheerleading Organization  is here to instill Christian values in a positive setting while learning and developing fundamentals of the game of football, soccer and cheerleading. This is part of the Youth Initiative Program to instill and encourage our children to become good citizens in their respective communities.

In 1998, my whole life changed, and I remember I was scared at first, but I knew God would not have told me to do the work, if He was not behind me. It was and is His vision for me, even today! It became my battle cry to go to the Nations and I knew I had to be trained to do the work right. At the time I got a lot of support from Apostle Steven W. Banks, He encouraged me to go. I remember being told I was too zealous to do the work of a Missionary and at that time the Church was new and not ready or equipped to do Missions, the way the Lord had showed me to do it. I attended Saint Leo University for my BA and then was accepted into Regent University where I pursued my Master's degree in Missiology. Apostle Banks released me to go to Faith Landmark Ministries in Richmond. I was working Missions in my local area, which we call Jerusalem, but I wanted more. I wanted to go!

Then It happened! I took my first Missionary trip to Mombasa, Kenya. After that it was trip, after trip, after trip. I remember transferring and working at Denbigh Christian Academy and coming under Pastor Bob Collins and Mommy Collins. I asked for covering for my Ministry so that I would be closer and local. Pastor Collins encourage me to transfer my license to COG and help establish a Mission Program for World Outreach Worship Center, which was open to all to attend and they did. I received my Exhorter’s license. Pastor Collins showed so much love and support for Missions, that he set me up in an office with a classroom to teach. He presented me with his chair from his office, which I proudly sit in today. When Mommy Dot died, something died in all of us, but the Lord saw fit to help me and the church establish a school in Ethiopia. Mommy Dot Academy was built and opened.

In 2012 the Lord blessed me with a life-time partner and together we are now doing our Mission's work. Because of the loving support and encouragement of these Mentors in my life. We have had the Lords blessing over many things:

  - Over 40 Mission classes have been taught local and abroad
  - Over 15 mission teams have traveled with us to Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Germany and Uganda
  - Two schools established, and several other schools/orphanages being supported through sponsorship
  - Changing Destinations: Journey To Excellence, providing Global Leadership Training in Nigeria and Uganda
  - Teens traveling local and overseas, doing Mission work
  - Partnerships with several churches and ministries, local and aboard
  - ACTNIM, A Cross The Nations International Ministries, was established
  - Bridging the Gap Initiative was established between Black Africans and  Americans of African Descent to defeat the lies about cultures and for        them to know that with God Loves they are one
  - Two interns, for ACTNIM, are being supported in Africa and the USA 
  - One local Christian base faith Football team. North Peninsula Guardians
  - North Peninsula Guardians Uganda at Kawotto School, Kajjansi
  - 3 years with Cru Military Volunteer Chaplains (Affiliate staff) partnering with Life Ministry Uganda
  - 5 years with AIMS
  - Mission home for travelers in Uganda, “Care Bear Home"

  - We both have received our Doctorates

But change has come, and our season dictates that we had to go to a different level and direction in Ministry. We are presently members of Mercy Church of God in New Jersey.  There is a great need in the Community, Local and Abroad.  
  - We have supported 4 retreats. Two for the boys and two for the girls (USA)
  - We have also help set up a food drop, once a month for the local Blessings (USA)
  - Working with our partners in Uganda
  - Mission Training Classes, local and abroad
  - Bridging The Gap Conferences, local and abroad
  - Uganda International Cultural Expo Support (Washington DC / Uganda)

  - Counseling and Counseling Classes, local and abroad

  - Christian Social Camps (Uganda)

Through much prayer and seeking the Lord's face, ACTNIM will, in the near future, open doors for Counseling, Tutoring, Bible Classes, Sports Support, Referral Center, Food Help, Prayer and a Sanctuary for Wednesday Night Services. It will be called “The Community”. Our Motto, “Come as you are and let God use you just as you are!”. Churches should never become Businesses. They must go back to being KINGDOM. We will be doing KINGDOM! All this, because some special people really loved me for me and their love was felt by me. For that, I will always be grateful! Keep us in your prayers, as we keep you in ours! Through all of this, we give God the Glory!

Brother David  Katehangwa 

Transportation Coordinator



Dr. Wilberforce Bezudde

City Church Kampala


Cultural Tourism

Together we must Restore, Reconcile, and Reunite as One body in the Rebirthing of a Nation in the Kingdom of GOD.

We will Bridge The Gap with Cultural and Heritage Awareness among the Black Communities, Reuniting in love and in truth in both Alkebulan and the USA.

Brother Emmy Opio

Facilities Manager



 Awareness Training
Providing information to assist in managing  the lives of people, their particular organization groups, churches, etc.  Making a difference.

The Late Honorable Dr. Maria Mutagamba, 

 Pioneer Patron, Miss Tourism Uganda

Dr. Emeka Akaezuwa, Vice Chancellor

International University of East Africa

North Peninsula Guardians Football Team

Dr. Dickson Obwoya, Life Ministry Uganda

Margaret Awino Kafeero

Head of Public Diplomacy,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Edward and Mariam Kakande

Legal Advisors



Sister Joanita Maaya

Social Media Manager



Bishop James & Mable Mugobansonga
International Revival Full Gospel Ministries

Nangooba Rose Jacent Akiiki